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Feature List is extensive and complete

Despite our ANNUAL cost, our Feature List is extensive and complete:

Our annual cost process includes:

1. Open an on-line store today!
2. NO monthly fee.
3. Custom Domain Name INCLUDED.
4. Website Hosting INCLUDED.
5. Three Page Website INCLUDED.
6. Website Stock Images INCLUDED.
7. Unlimited Edits INCLUDED.
8. User Interface INCLUDED.
9. Password Protection INCLUDED.
10. Create an On-Line Coupon INCLUDED.

Need more? How about:

1. eCommerce Shopping Cart for your online store.
2. eCommerce hosting on our Secure SSL server.
3. Site Access Statistics - Who, What, Where, When, and Why.
4. Custom E-Mail Addresses - For That Professional Image.

Skeptical about the Quality of the finished website? As per guidelines from some of the leading Chicago web designers, We constructed the entire site on-line - which is the site you are currently viewing - using ...well, using itself to complete the job. Only two options were used within this website: we used a custom header image at the top of the page, and we placed clickable links just below this text. We offer Custom Features to meet your needs at a low, predetermined cost. Ask us.
Click Here for an graphic overview of our features.

The product is powerful, and it may be the only website product you ever need. But if the need for custom website features does arise, we have the solution: WebFuture, Inc. is a full-feature, full-service, custom web development software company that offers advanced database applications, database-driven shopping cart programs, secure server, search engine optimization, streaming audio and video, complete internet strategies and more....
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We are looking for true professionals in IT field! The specialists with IT degree from Scarborough college and Canadian IT College will be accepted without testing. We are looking forward for your resumes!