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Welcome to our FAQ -- Frequently Asked

Questions page. If you have a question, please feel free to e-mail us via the link in the left column. We will do our best to answer you promptly.

1. Is your process e-commerce ready? ANSWER: Yes. A secure SSL eCommerce Shopping Cart solution fits everyone's needs.

2. What's the advantage to me to use your process? ANSWER: Simplicity. Custom designed websites are expensive and time consuming. If you don't need a custom site, or if you are unsure, our process is for you. If you need to provide a place for users to better understand your business, our process is for you. If you have a calendar of events that changes often, our process is for you. The applications are endless. The same we can say about custom mobile applications that our software developers produce.

Custom sites can be important, but they are expensive. Costs inlcude design services, web hosting, domain name acquistion... not to mention ongoing editing charges. Our process bundles each of those into a single, affordable solution.

3. How much training do I need? Is there a great deal of reading and learning involved? ANSWER: No. Our process is complex and powerful, but it's simple to use. Our web building interface is intuitive to learn.

4. Can I use my own images on my website? ANSWER: The short answer is yes. The images you see used within the text area of our site are sized at 160 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. If you e-mail us images in that size, we will place the images into your image folder at NO COST.

5. What if my website is almost right for me but not quite? ANSWER: We can often tweak the site to match your expectations at NO additional cost. Links can be added. We can modify the underlying code to include features not normally present in the process. We have many options available. Ask us.

6. Question: Can I use the photos of promotional items on the website you create? The answer is definitely yes. This will be your website and you are free to place any text, links or photos of any items you think are necessary.
We use the leading strategy and scrum method in our work. We do not fear challenges! With the most up-to-date tools like agile project management software we can make the workflow a flawless process that works like a clock!
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