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Things to consider when creating an e-store

When purchasing products on the web, you do not have an ability to touch them in order to understand their quality, you can not see the real size and get the assistance of the shop consultant. This gap must be filled with such a site that makes the process of goods searching and selecting very convenient.

Unlike buyers of a regular shop, users on the network can easily move from one online store to another by clicking several buttons. This happens if the buyer can not find what he needs, or something is not clear to him. To avoid this, you should be able to keep the visitor as long as possible in your online store, and even better to convince him to buy the a particular product you offer in your e-store. To learn how to do it is necessary to know some basic rules that every e-store must owner must maintain when working on online resource creation.

So in order to make the user feel himself in element on your web site, he must be provided with all the information about the prices. Having such an information, the buyer will be able to navigate and compare prices with those on the other sites. Furthermore, the presence of prices, says your company is a trustworthy. Therefore the site, with the given prices will inspire confidence, and as a consequence - the desire to buy something. The location of the price is also equally important. For user convenience, it is recommended to place prices in the online store as close to a particular product as possible. In addition, the buyer must be provided with full information about all the fees, including delivery. Another important feature to consider when creating a website (online store) is availability of reliable information about the product with high-quality illustrations. Providing information about the product, you need to provide an appropriate graphic to help user get a complete understanding of what he is going to buy.

Before you make a profit from your online store, it is necessary to organize the process of web site development. And this problem is directly related to the choice of software for online store development. Typically, functionality requirements affect the choice of a software. If you needed the most common and most typical features, it is cheaper and safer to use ready made software. The best solution among such options at the moment is Magento e-commerce system, which is free and versatile in terms of its capabilities. Online store development implies that future resources will be convenient both for buyers and for administrator. Magento CMS has all the necessary functions to ensure convenience of e-store use and maintenance.

Mark Berry for module that allows import and export orders in csv in Magento.

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